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Selected Recordings

Yair Yona - It's Not The Heat (It's The Humidity)

Music by Yair Yona

from World Behind Curtains

Erez Kariel - All White

Music by Erez Kariel

from upcoming issue #8 of Scrawl Magazine

Andrea Daly - Concerto for Tuba

I. Lively and Bright

II. Tranquil and Transcendent 

III. Volatile and Dark

Music by Andrea Daly

Performed by Tristan Eggner and Shira Shaked

Nathan Zach and Shlomi Frige - Kama Nehederet Ha'it

נתן זך ושלומי פריג' - כמה נהדרת היית

Music by Shlomi Frige

Arranged by Slomi Frige and Shira Shaked

From Kama Nehederet Ha'it

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